About Me

Hi, I’m Angela (Angel) and am the owner of Home Baked Foods. My cooking and baking history began in Evanston, IL., where I was raised. I use some of the same recipes my grandmother taught me, using fresh ingredients from local farmers and farm stands (when in season).

I have loved cooking, baking and canning for friends and family all my life. and after raising a family of five children and working in a marketing career, I decided to turn my all time hobby into a full time business. What started as giving baked goods and jams as gifts to family and friends, expanded to selling at local farmers markets and farm stands.  My goal is to sell my homemade baked goods and jams to artisan shops and grocery stores. I want to share my delicious foods with everyone! 

My quick bread mini loaves are handmade in small batches, using local ingredients when in season. Each batch features a unique recipe that I put together through trial and error (I call them fails). My children love my fails. Using ingredients from local farmers, farm stands, stores and fellow-vendors, I make each batch of quick breads delicious - and of course, locally made.

I'm extremely grateful for the support I've received from the community, family and friends and am excited to grow my business. I love to share my passion for cooking and baking and can't wait for you to try all of the flavors of my delicious and nutritious mini quick bread loaves, jams and everything I am able to make for you!

Thank you for your support,